Watch watch how much, what material strap is good?

With the development of science and technology, watch in the application of more and more material, or avant-garde, or retro. Strap as an important part of the watch, the same material in a lot of options, common with stainless steel, crocodile skin and so on. So what kind of material is better? Today, and we talk about what the strap material. Watch watch how much, what material strap is good? Material 1: stainless steel In the metal strap, stainless steel is the most common material, compared to other metal materials, it is cheap, durable, also known as stainless steel. Disadvantages are easy to have scratches. Stainless steel was discovered in the mid-19th century by Krupp, of Essen, Germany, and was widely used by the public in the 1950s. General brands are stainless steel 316L stainless steel, its corrosion resistance and wear resistance are better, the surface can be electroplated or not plating, only polishing or sandblasting, sand processing, the formation of different effects of a three-dimensional appearance effect. Stainless steel strap is fake rolex watches masculine, tough, and durable, easy to care, is the most common kind of strap material. In addition, stainless steel strap to a certain extent, waterproof, but if improper maintenance, it will rust or damage. Watch watch how much, what material strap is good? 904L stainless steel However, in the watch industry ordinary odd stainless steel, Rolex's stainless steel is unique, different. Unlike the common 316L steel, Rolex uses 904L stainless steel. 904L stainless steel is a super heat-resistant stainless steel alloy. Is currently only used in high-tech fields, such as the aerospace, chemical and petrochemical industries, but also for surgical transplants. It is swiss replica watches very resistant to corrosion, which is comparable to many precious metal materials because of its high content of chrome content of 21%. After a high degree of polished gloss more durable. 904L steel performance compared to 316L steel is more excellent, but the processing is more difficult, higher cost, so there is no other brand selection of this steel. Watch watch how much, what material strap is good? Black steel Stainless steel is a common coating and non-coated, black steel is a kind of coating. Black steel, as the name suggests, is the appearance of black stainless steel, but it is not all inside are black, but in the outer layer of stainless steel coated with a layer of black film. So although this kind of black steel is very cool fashion, but a long time will fade. This year's Tudor new launch of Kai-Bi Bay black watch on the use of this material, the black coating through the physical vapor deposition process (PVD) treatment. Black steel is just popular in recent years, the material, Breitling is also like to use black steel on behalf of the brand, but more is reflected in the case rather than the strap. Watch watch how much, what material strap is good? Stainless steel gold plated And black steel in recent years just popular coating is different from gold-plated stainless steel and white steel as common. For some low-end brands, due to cost and positioning, generally do not use precious metals, but to the gold-plated stainless steel, sometimes gold-plated, sometimes decorated with rose gold, so that the watch is more luxurious and honorable, but also Can save costs, reduce the price of watches. But no matter how good the coating will fade, so the shortcomings of stainless steel gin is a long time will fade, so before buying to be carefully considered. Watch watch how much, what material strap is good? 18K gold Metal strap in addition to stainless steel and precious metals. Common precious metal material for the K gold. K gold refers to the gold and other metals mixed with uk replica watches the alloy, because its English is Karat Gold, so referred to as K gold. Pure gold is 24K, but the pure gold is not suitable for the production of watches, must be mixed with other metals to strengthen the hardness, generally silver, copper and palladium-based, but no matter what kind of metal, gold ratio accounted for 75% Of the 18K gold). The most common is gold and rose gold (also known as red gold). Gold strap advantage is that it is more hedge, the disadvantage is that gold strap looks more tacky, not low-key. And after all, is precious metals, daily wear bumps or wear are the advantages of people feel bad, so not suitable for everyday wear. Watch watch how much, what material strap is good? Rose gold And gold, rose gold strap is also very common. The rose gold on the strap is 18K rose gold, also known as red gold. Its characteristics and gold almost, but in the color of the difference. Rose gold since the birth is very popular, it is because compared to the high profile and slightly tacky gold it is more elegant, compared to too low-key platinum it is more expensive luxury. In the choice of precious metal strap, rose gold is a never fail to choose. Watch watch how much, what material strap is good? platinum And gold, rose gold compared to platinum looks very low-key, because it is the most expensive price of the three K gold, indeed the appearance of the most "cold". At first glance and stainless steel is no different, and this material is often not very strong hardness and corrosion resistance, wear a long time will produce wear, but the white dazzling metallic luster so many people whom attracted. We call the platinum, the full name should be "white K gold", is gold and other white metal smelting together with platinum-free white alloy, of which the percentage of gold up to 75%. With a word to describe platinum, that is low-key luxury, for those who think gold or rose gold is too high-profile people, platinum is the best choice. However, the price of platinum watches, although higher than the gold watch, but there is no gold hedge, it is because the gold currency properties of the decision. Watch watch how much, what material strap is good? Platinum Platinum is a rare and expensive natural pure white metal, is one of the world's most rare precious metals with precious metals, the annual supply is only 5% of gold, with almost twice the strength of gold, 30 times worse than gold The Platinum luster white, natural pure, purity up to 90% or more, totally natural, often wear will not fade. Platinum is the top of the watch industry's top material, usually only very high-end brands will use this material, and mostly for the case, platinum watch the watch is not a lot, but not no. Such as Rolex, Breguet has a full platinum watch. Platinum strap prices are very high, is only a small number of talent to play things. Watch watch how much, what material strap is good? titanium Titanium (titanium) in the watch on the application is also very common, is the darling of the watch industry in recent years. This is because the titanium metal hard, harder than steel 30%, lighter than steel, strong corrosion resistance. Titanium wrist watch is also very comfortable to wear, because it is not the characteristics of nickel and not to stimulate the skin, even when the sweat wear and no effect. In addition, because of its light texture and hard, so the titanium metal watch more durable. So many brands in their own sports watches in the use of titanium, so wear more comfortable. Watch watch how much, what material strap is good? ceramics Speaking of skin-friendly material, in addition to titanium is a ceramic. Ceramic smooth, wear-resistant, not to hurt the skin, the main component is zirconia, in a certain temperature conditions to obtain good processing performance, can be processed into a case, strap and so on. But also through a special method to obtain a variety of colors. Ceramics look gorgeous and noble, and very strong. Very wear-resistant scratch, but impatient. And if damaged, can not only repair the new, follow-up costs are relatively high. The use of ceramic materials on behalf of the brand radar, Chanel and so on. There is also a material called high-tech ceramics, is a very fine zirconia or titanium carbide powder, the powder into the mold after the high pressure, in the 1450 degrees Celsius high temperature sintering furnace formed difficult to wear ceramic parts; Polished with diamond powder. Gloss is more unique than ordinary ceramic. Watch watch how much, what material strap is good? Crocodile skin If the above those watches have something in common, then that is more sense of weight, even the relatively thin titanium metal is the same. Different from the above metal strap and ceramic strap, leather strap is relatively light, more soft, wear and more comfortable. Crocodile skin is one of the most common leather straps, and also the top leather strap. In general, the common crocodile skin used for straps comes mainly from alligators and crocodiles. Crocodile skin in the appearance of the biggest feature is the gradient put a line, and because of tough texture, durability has been widely recognized. Crocodile leather straps expensive, and more for high-end watch brand, is also the standard dress watch. Equipped with crocodile leather strap watch more formal, elegant, senior, very gentleman. Watch watch how much, what material strap is good? Cowhide Leather is also a common leather strap material, a lot of leather types, can be divided into calfskin, brown leather, buffalo and so on. Which calfskin is the most superior class of leather, is the use of six months after birth, the calf's leather tanned, texture lines small, soft and smooth touch. But also can be rolled on the pattern more beautiful and unique, such as rolling crocodile pattern will make calfskin look more advanced. But in the leather, the yellow leather is the most frequent use of a class, is characterized by thick, elastic enough. As for the buffalo leather, fur sparse, rough surface, the appearance and feel the material is very texture, in fact very soft, comfortable to wear. Leather and more use in the low-end brands. Watch watch how much, what material strap is good? Horse skin Ma Pi in the Need for the Cordoba skin, popular refers to the ass on the skin, also known as horse buttocks. Mari in the leather material is considered the most durable, but also be able to raise the most beautiful of a skin, and Cordoba leather is the best of the horse. Because it is the most wear-resistant horse, the highest density, the most toughness of the skin. Each horse can only remove the two pieces of 0.5 meters in diameter round the skin, which is the origin of Shell name. NOMOS is one of the few representatives of the appearance of the use of horse skin, and is the use of this top leather manufacturing strap: horse buttocks. This leather is four to five times more durable than crocodile skin, shark skin, ostrich skin or cowhide. In addition, this leather made of durable wear strap, but also with the passage of time to produce a chic gloss. Watch watch how much, what material strap is good? rubber Leather strap in addition to the above three more representative of the material, there are small sheepskin, ostrich skin, python skin and so on other cortex, but the most common is the leather and crocodile skin, the other is no longer one by one elaborate The. If the biggest drawback of the leather strap is not waterproof, then the rubber strap just the opposite. And rubber strap cheap, comfortable to wear, the most important is whether it is low-end or top brands, you can use the rubber strap. This is because it is a room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (RTV), in which the addition of different additives can change its color, hardness, strength, texture and weight, so in order to create a different and the same beautiful rubber strap. It can not only high temperature and low temperature, from minus 90 degrees Celsius to zero 300 degrees Celsius are completely no deterioration, but also has a strong water and corrosion resistance, there will be no bacteria, the most important thing is that it can reach a few Ten years of life, is definitely one of the preferred material of the strap. Watch watch how much, what material strap is good? NATO strap NATO strap mainly refers to the nylon material weave strap, was only used in military watches or fashion watches, the first two years is a red time for a while DW watch, the colorful knitting brace is A major feature. NATO strap in the last century 60's is very popular, and now another fire up. It is tough and flexible, very suitable for summer wear. Because it can absorb sweat, easy to clean, wear, and use the older the more its unique style. But also because it is like a belt to facilitate the convenience of the wearer to adjust their own convenience and more and more people welcome, many professional watches such as diving watchs, aerospace watch is keen to use it. NATO strap cheap affordable durable, rich colors, stylish, lightweight and comfortable, and now some brands will even be free with a NATO strap, such as Tudor. Watch watch how much, what material strap is good? Silk belt And other straps are different, silk belt touch is wonderful and very gentle, in addition, its permeability, wear comfort and hygroscopicity are very outstanding. Silk quality straps appear, not only the material of the strap innovation, it is a perfect time to express the silky touch. But the silk band used for female form, often in some high-end brand female form, such as count, Breguet and so on. For everyone to introduce so many strap material, which kind of material the best strap? Although wearing or watch what watch straps are personal preferences, but if the daily wear, I still feel that stainless steel or leather strap is better. Occasionally changing NATO straps is also good.